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{Photo diary} Taking pictures…

profile-shot-with-my-little-boyIn addition to being a full-time mom to our little boy, I’ve been working on finishing the new Flowie products and a new website.  It’s almost there.  Hopefully, I can launch the new products and the new website this coming week.  In the past, I usually designed a collection of patterns and products for the entire season or year.  I’m going to do it differently from now on.  I will have a few new bags and patterns ready for the new website, and keep adding new items through out the year.  So, I can keep designing new things!

Masa was taking a profile picture of me for the new website.  Our little boy wanted to join me in the picture, but somehow he was unwilling to look at the camera straight (you know, toddlers!).  This is one of my favorite pictures of us together!


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